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Industrial Communications has been an Authorized Motorola Service Center since 1982. Our factory trained and experienced service professionals are totally committed to keeping your system operating at peak efficiency. Our technicians are Motorola trained and certified, ETA (Electronic Technicians Association) certified, and utilize the latest in test equipment to ensure that your two-way radios perform when you need them the most. We use and maintain an inventory of factory original parts and offer emergency field service. Our commitment to providing total customer satisfaction, both before and after the sale, has earned us a large and loyal customer base throughout the New England and South Florida areas.

Repair Services

Our staff of Motorola trained and certified technicians are experienced in all types of repairs and maintenance of Motorola two-way radio products and systems, serving business, government and public safety. Technical repair services include: Motorola portable radios, mobile radios, base stations, consoles, repeaters and point-to-point radios. Repairs can be made at our Motorola Service departments in Marshfield, MA, Miami, FL and Naples, Florida, or at the customer's location. We also use the Motorola Service Center in El Paso, TX for radios under factory warranty.

Customer Maintenance Contracts

We provide maintenance contracts that are fully customizable. We work with you to decide what level of service you want for your system and what level matches your budget.

Some of the benefits are:
  • Scheduled preventative maintenance checks – This will keep your equipment operating at peak performance and eliminates unnecessary downtime.
  • Forecasted maintenance costs – You know up front what the cost will be to keep your system up and going for the year.
  • Proactively maintain your system – Through regular maintenance of systems and users' radios, you prevent costly outages and maximize uptime.


We offer programming and re-programming of individual and fleet radios. Programming is performed in-shop at each of our New England or Florida locations or at the customer's location.


Industrial Communications' personnel have been properly trained and certified on all of the equipment being installed and have been educated on safety requirements such as RF safety and exposure. Industrial Communications has the knowledge, experience, test equipment and resources needed for the most complex and demanding projects. From fixed network installation and maintenance to complex RF engineering and in-building solutions, Industrial Communications constantly exceeds all expectations. We are a complete wireless integrator with experience in all phases of site installation, engineering and construction.

  • Dash mount or trunk mount radios
  • All types of antennas design
  • Accessories: speakers, converters, flashing lights, switches
  • Specialty installations
  • Base stations and repeaters
  • Tower site system installations
  • BDA (Bi-directional amplifiers)
  • RF repeater design and installation
  • Complete in-building network engineering, installation and optimization
  • Site design, layout and as-builts
  • New technology installation and integration within existing sites
  • Complete site modifications / relocations
  • Fixed network and base-station equipment installation
  • Capacity upgrades and implementation
  • Acceptance testing, alignment and optimization of all equipment
  • In-house staging and testing
  • DC cabling and grounding
  • Backup battery systems
  • Controller and rack upgrades
  • Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint microwave radio installation and optimization

System Management

Industrial Communications can provide full-service management of your system or assist your company. This can range from simply performing periodic checks on equipment in the field on smaller systems or performing complete diagnostics and providing reports and statistics on larger systems. To analyze the performance of your communications system, we provide complete antenna system sweeps. The antenna is one of the most important parts of the system and usually one that can cause degradation in performance without your knowing it. We can identify problems before the system completely fails. We will provide complete printed documents on the results of the tests.

Project Management

Our knowledgeable managers can manage complete turnkey solutions for any size application including management of any subcontractors. Industrial Communications has the resources to oversee complex system installations, ensuring that they are completed as quickly as possible without diminishing the quality of the project. Industrial Communications can provide project management for the design, planning, scheduling and coordination of activities to ensure that the appropriate resources are assigned to the project. We will monitor and track the complete progress of the project from design to final acceptance.

R-56 Audits and Grounding

Communications network downtime significantly impacts daily operations and much of potential downtime can be the result of noncompliance to minimum communications site standards. If the equipment isn't properly grounded and incorporates surge suppression, it can significantly jeopardize your network, and it also puts those who maintain the site at significant risk. Originally developed by Motorola in 1987 to provide internal guidelines and requirements for the installation of communications equipment, infrastructure and facilities, the "Standards and Guidelines for Communication Sites" (R56) forms the minimum standards required to provide expected system performance, reliability and equipment longevity. The Motorola guidelines have since become the recognized standard in the industry and serve as the most complete and rigorous specification for the protection of communications system equipment installed at public safety and commercial wireless communications sites.

R56 Compliance Audit

R56 compliance audits provide a one-time, on-site evaluation of your communications site to determine compliance to minimum R56 standards. Using Motorola's compliance audit checklist, on-site evaluation includes identifying and troubleshooting chronic site-related issues, including power line anomalies or excessive lightning hits. After the site audit is complete, Industrial Communications provides a comprehensive summary report with digital photos that identify gaps in compliance and recommendations to bring the site up to standard. The report provides the information required to take appropriate corrective action to help minimize susceptibility to site-related failures.

Communication System Design

Industrial Communications' staff has the experience, expertise and capabilities to design complex communications systems. Whether it is a console system or a complex RF system we have the engineering resources to provide the right solution for the application. We have the software tools to provide predictive propagation studies for RF to show expected radio coverage for wide area, local, or in-building solutions. These models can be easily modified to accurately predict radio coverage under multiple parameters and circumstances to aid in producing the best solution. We provide overview system diagrams as well as detailed equipment drawings to show essential components of the design and system solutions. These documents become the foundation for the final system documentation.

System Design Services include:
  • RF coverage surveys for in-building, on-site, or wide-area systems
  • RF propagation studies and HAAT calculations
  • Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multi-point path profiles and analysis
  • RF inter-modulation and frequency compatibility studies
  • Site surveys and R56 audit services
  • Communication system design, equipment list generation and detailed drawings