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PTP at Work

PTP solutions are designed to deliver real value for a wide variety of business and government applications, including, but not limited to:

  • Building-to-building connectivity, even in locations that were previously inaccessible
  • Campus connectivity for a traditional college campus or corporate offices with multiple buildings in a campus setting
  • High-speed wireless backhaul to remove network bottlenecks
  • Leased-line replacement to eliminate or reduce recurring fees
  • Video surveillance extensions beyond the constraints of a wired network
  • Wired and wireless network redundancy
  • Rapid deployment for disaster recovery, emergencies and special events
  • Wire-line and wireless network extensions
  • Connectivity to support Voice-over-IP, streaming video and multimedia
  • Communications support for nomadic teams
  • Connectivity to support WiMAX and LTE backhaul

Engineered for the Worst

There is no place where durability and reliability are more crucial than in outdoor wireless communications. Mounted on high towers and rooftops, PTP bridges have to operate in extreme temperatures, through all types of weather and often in very hostile environments. As a result, PTP bridges have been engineered and quality-tested to withstand rain, sleet, snow, hot desert sun, icy mountain tops, salty sea air and dusty plains.

Easy Installation and Operation

PTP systems include sophisticated deployment-assistance features that help installers complete a stress-free installation – typically in one or two days. All PTP systems are ruggedized for reliable outdoor use and are communication "work horses." Plus, the systems share a common, intuitive graphical user interface to reduce your learning curve and simplify operations.

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