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Industrial Communications offers various leasing options to help you get your company connected faster. We simplify the leasing process and our dedicated staff is ready to devote their time and energy to make your experience with us effortless.

What is a lease?

A lease is a legal document that allows one company (called a lessee) to possess property belonging to another company (called lessor) for a specified period at the will of either lessor or lessee in consideration of a specified payment. Lease financing provides a way for businesses to invest in capital, while managing their balance sheets, cash flow, and technology.

Advantages of Leasing

Pays for Itself

Leasing allows you to purchase your communications equipment without imposing upon your company's cash flow. Lease payments are made from future dollars, providing present value.

Preserves Credit Lines and Capital

Leasing provides an additional source of funds which supplements existing credit lines. Available capital is then increased because other credit lines are left unencumbered for operations, expansion and acquisitions. Leasing usually requires a smaller expenditure thereby leaving funds available to invest in ways that may be more profitable to your company.

Can Reduce Taxes

Unlike loan payments, lease payments may be fully deductible as an operational expense. Consult your accountant to see if you are eligible.

Provides Flexibility

Monthly or other periodic payment terms, ranging from 12 to 60 months, allow for simplified budgeting. Your payment schedule can cover all the costs associated with acquiring equipment, including installation, maintenance support and freight. You can also include add-on equipment on your existing lease.

Special Lease Programs

Municipal Leases

Competitive rates are available for tax-exempt, taxable municipals and qualified 501(C) (3) organizations. Examples may include: government offices, schools, hospitals, utilities, universities, and police & fire departments. Please contact Industrial Communications for the municipal leasing application.

Deferred Payments

Lessee can defer their first payment from 60 to 90 days based on need. This helps lessee manage cash flow.

Zero Down Programs

Lessee can take possession of equipment with zero cash outlay. Subject to credit approval.

Step/Skip Payments

This is a pre-determined schedule of payments that will increase or decrease based on the customer's specific needs. This may be helpful to lessees with seasonal or temporary reductions in business.

Lease information from Lease Corporation of America. All Leases subject to approval by LCA.

Click here to download a lease application and to find out more about the financing options available or contact your Industrial Sales Consultant.