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Industrial Communications Launches a New Wide-area Digital Radio Network

June, 2011, Marshfield, Massachusetts - Using Motorola's MOTOTRBO Connect Plus technology, Industrial Communications' has launched a new wide-area digital radio network. This scalable two-way radio system is designed to accommodate high-volume, wide-area communication for mobile work teams. With this digital MOTOTRBO system, data applications, such as text messaging, GPS and dispatch capability can be used to manage work efficiency and provide increased worker safety. Industrial Communications' New England digital network will cover Worcester County through all of Eastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Southern New Hampshire. The South Florida digital network will cover, Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Both Networks will provide seamless roaming throughout the coverage area.


  • Scalable voice and data system extends coverage across one to twenty sites with a capacity of up to 29 talk paths and 2,900 users per site, and future expandability planned.
  • Utilizes Time-Division Multiple-Access (TDMA) technology, the world's most widely adopted digital technology, to deliver clear audio, integrated data applications and increased capacity with less hassle and infrastructure.
  • Wire-line console provides increased functionality and dispatch capability to effectively coordinate a mobile workforce from a centralized location.
  • High-capacity voice and integrated data communication system includes text messaging and GPS vehicle tracking.
  • Key capabilities include priority status, call queuing, dynamic site roaming and network management.
  • Allows for customized integration of applications from the MOTOTRBO Application Developer Program, the industry's largest third-party worldwide developer program.
  • Operates in the 900 MHz frequency band.

MOTOTRBO™ is a digital two-way radio solution using TDMA technology to deliver exceptional voice quality, extended battery performance and double the capacity for the price of one frequency license. MOTOTRBO also provides integrated data applications including text messaging and customized applications such as GPS location tracking, email interfaces, work order ticket management and system management. MOTOTRBO also meets the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) mandate for narrowbanding.

Industrial Communications is an established wireless communications company, providing quality wireless products and services to businesses throughout New England and South Florida. Our headquarters are conveniently located 30 miles south of Boston in Marshfield, Massachusetts, which serves the New England area. We also have facilities in North Miami and Naples, Florida, which provides service to customers in Southeast and Southwest Florida.